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Every Home should be "Cleared, Blessed and Sealed" before you and your family move in. We are Experts at this. Please inquire about our Services.

Ghost vs Spirit
House Blessings / Clearings

Negative Energy can infest a home or office for a number of reasons. The CPR Team Specializes in first Identifying and then Removing or Crossing these Energies and Restoring Balance and Peace. 

Removing Negative Energy

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The CPR Team will determine if the Energy is a "Ghost" or a "Spirit" and then take the proper action to restore Karmic Balance to the location.

North Texas Newest Paranormal Investigation Team.

While most Paranormal Investigation Teams are interested in obtaining "Proof" of various activity, CPR is different. We specialize in discovering "who" or "what" is in your Space. If it cannot "play nice", our Team Members are trained in doing what is called "Crossing" these Energies over to the next dimension. In the case of negative energies, we will send them back to a place where they can no longer cause any harm, thereby restoring Karmic and Energetic Balance to the home or building.​

Crossings Paranormal Research

Are You Experiencing Paranormal Activity In Your Home or Workspace? Is It Causing Problems?

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While we receive many requests, we will Respond to everyone who writes. Most "Investigations" can be handled REMOTELY. We do Respond in Person to the Most Severe. To Reach Our Intake Manager  Please use the Form Below or the Email on the Right. 

Crossings Paranormal Research
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